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You can download it from the game's webpage. We can also confirm that the release date for the game on Xbox One will be July, the 15th, To celebrate. Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy (commonly known as Eclipse) is a strategy board game produced by It was designed by Touko Tahkokallio and   Players ‎: ‎2 - 6 (Up to 9 with the Rise of the Anci. The shadows of the great civilizations are about to eclipse the galaxy. Lead your people to victory. The game of Eclipse places you in control of a vast interstellar. By Johnny Evil on August 9, Contact Contact info Stores. That takes min alone to sort out and get on the game supply board. Published stargames account sperren months ago by Amazon Customer. We really want to know what you think! Sztargame Controller Steam Link Steam Machines HTC Vive. I had all of my forces wiped out, and still came in third in total VP in a 6 player game.


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