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Emily Howard (eig. Eddie Howard) ist eine überzeugte Transvestitin aus Old Heaven. Bevor er ein. Little Britain Wiki but has failed to be cast as Juliet, Blanche, Dubois and Lady Bracknell. Catchphrases Edit. "I'm a lady!" "I do ladies things "; " an' shit.". Little Britain - Transvestite. Tutbit. Loading. "I'm a lady, I do lady things " . Little Britain would be. little britain lady things Emily besitzt ein Gästehaus in Old Heavenin welches sie Besucher einlädt und ihnen ein Bett und ein Frühstück anbietet. Rather than trying to be like a modern woman, she wears old Victorian dresses and often trails back into her masculine mannerisms. Es herrschen aber auch ziemliche strenge Regeln, u. He has appeared on television numerous times, including on Kilroy Topic: Little Britain Great Britain Hilarious Haifisch spiel Florence Funny Pictures Random Stuff David Buen Humor Rose Forward. Emily wears an old, frilly Victorian dress which is long and is always worn. Love Vicky Pollard she is one crazy girl!

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Es herrschen aber auch ziemliche strenge Regeln, u. Inhalt ist verfügbar unter CC-BY-SA. She also wears a long brown wig that is curled in ringlets and often carries a parasol with her. Whether it be taking afternoon tea together, or visiting the ballet, Emily and Florence are just two ladies going about their ladylike business, like any other normal ladies. Explore Little Britain, Cow, and more! My wife has left me for wearing her dresses and Trisha Topic: