ruby pop

pop メソッドは、配列の末尾の要素を削除し、その要素を返します。レシーバ自身を変更するメソッドです。配列が空のときはnilを返します。. Tutorial for Beginner to learn about Push and Pop operations on Arrays in Ruby Programming Language. In this science game, students guide a biobot through a vampire cave to learn about photosynthesis, glucose and methanol as energy sources for plants!. ruby pop


Using Ruby Arrays As Stacks, push, pop. shift Repetition — With a String argument, equivalent to ary. Append—Pushes the given object on to the end of this array. Returns the deleted object or objectsor nil if the index is out of range. For example, the array below contains an Integera String and a Float: Opens a POP3 session, attempts authentication, and quits.